Cain Suffix Chemical Information



Welcome to CAINECHEMICAL.COM offers information on the most common and sought after caine-suffix anesthetic chemcals. We offer information on lidocaine, benzocaine, procaine, tetracaine, and dimethocaine anesthetic chemicals. These products have many medical, cosmetic, and industrial uses. These chemicals are most often used in a medical, office, or industrial setting. When purchasing these chemicals online, it is best to buy them through a chemical or medical supply house. Medical professionals, unless from a compunding pharmacy, should not purchase anesthetic chemicals in powder form, they should really purchase pre-measured dosages from a medical distribution company (However, there are exceptions).

When purchasing caine-suffix chemicals make sure to purchase pure, clean, properly, and professionally handled chemicals. This can be done by performing background checks on any potential supplier or distribution company offering these types of products.

Caine-suffix chemicals are hazardous. Any individual that handles these should products be at least 21 years of age. None of these products should be be used for consumption, diluting or adulterating existing drugs, or for any illegal or inappropriate use.